FBN Edge brought to you by FBNQuest Asset Management

AUG 30 - 4 min read

What is the FBN Edge app?

FBN Edge brought to you by FBNQuest Asset Management simplifies investing by allowing users to open mutual funds accounts, manage their investments and track their progress on the go. It is a convenient app that gives our clients the edge in investing, as it helps them take control and be on their way to meeting their financial goals sooner.

The key features of the app are:

  • Sign-up easily as an existing customer
  • Open a mutual fund account as a new customer
  • Top-up existing mutual fund accounts
  • Purchase new mutual funds
  • Redeem funds from existing mutual fund accounts
  • View balances in real-time
  • View your transaction history
  • Make service or support requests

What's the blog about?

This blog will serve as a platform to provide information about the FBN Edge app by FBNQuest Asset Management.

This blog aims to give early adopters of the FBN Edge app;

      1. an opportunity to experience this app and other add-on features at an early, pre-release stage in their development
      2. a chance to contribute to the development of the app by providing feedback, suggesting features for future build and an improved user experience.

Who is FBNQuest Asset Management?

FBNQuest Asset Management is an FBN Holdings company, and is one of the leading investment management firms in Nigeria with a proven track record of delivering value-adding advice to clients. We are a full-service investment management firm committed to providing a broad range of investment solutions to clients, spanning governments, corporations, institutional investors, high net-worth individuals and retail investors. These products include Mutual Funds, Liquidity Management and Independent Portfolios.

Our investment approach is designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. An increasing number of clients have over time, come to rely on our vast experience in financial markets, as well as on the deep insights and perspectives we provide to support them in achieving their financial goals.

Our process is guided by the customer’s unique investment objective and appetite. Investment solutions offered are based on our strong fundamental and quantitative research capabilities in money markets, fixed income markets, public equity markets and alternatives.

What is a Beta Test?

A Beta Test is a type of testing period for a technology product prior to any sort of commercial or official launch. Beta testing is considered the last stage of testing, and normally involves distributing the product to individuals (“Beta Testers”) outside the company for user experience feedback.

What is expected from Beta Testers?

Beta Testers get to examine the application and attempt to utilize as many features as possible while reporting on glitches, bug and inconsistencies, etc. The product development team will then use this feedback to make additional improvements to the App before it is launched to the public.

Here is a list of activities that Beta Testers are asked to do during this phase;

  • Provide feedback on issues encountered
  • Propose improvements to the app experience
  • Complete surveys to ensure that Beta Testers’ opinions are captured and user experience tracked
  • Fill out mock testimonials and reviews to get a sense of Beta Testers’ general feedback on the App.

How long will the Beta Test period last for?

The Beta Test is expected to last for one month before the full launch of Android Version 1.0 in September

Things you should be aware of.

OS Version Availability

  • There will only be an Android OS version available at the full launch
  • Expected Beta Launch for iOS is after completion of Android Beta (September)

Product Availability

  • Three of our mutual fund products will be available on the App for now. These are the FBN Money Market Fund, FBN Fixed Income Fund and FBN Heritage Fund

User Experience

  • The on-boarding process requires a minimum of 17 fields to be completed to fulfil regulatory requirements

How should Beta Testers provide feedback to the product development team?

Feedback can be provided on the following platform(s):

How often will be the blog be updated?

The blog will be updated on an ongoing basis when additional information needs to be communicated to the Beta testing group.

We are excited to go on this journey with you.

Happy Testing