The FBN Fixed Income Fund

FBN Fixed Income Fund

The FBN Fixed Income Fund

Using FBN Capital Asset Management’s fixed income expertise and local market analysis capabilities, the FBN FIXED INCOME FUND allows you to fully exploit the potential of Nigerian debt securities.

The FBN Fixed Income Fund is most suitable for medium or long term cash investments, and offers a stable income through the distribution of a semi-annual dividend. It is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in a broad range of long tenured debt securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, state governments and highly rated corporate institutions. 

The Fund may also invest in short-term, high quality money market securities, and you can start investing today with a minimum of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50, 000). It seeks to preserve, as well as maximise return on capital while maintaining a high degree of liquidity by investing in a diversified portfolio of long tenured debt securities, as well as short-term, high quality money market securities issued in Nigeria.

The FBN Fixed Income Fund could provide you a regular income with exposure to the bond and treasury bills markets. It is considered to be a low-to-medium risk mutual fund, and is therefore suitable for those who are comfortable taking some risk.

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Asset Allocation Ranges

 FGN Bonds  15 - 75%
 State government bonds  0 - 30%
 Corporate Bonds  0 - 30%
 Eurobonds  0 - 15%
 Money Market Securities  25 - 75%


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