What’s Your Goal

A fund to suit your investment objectives and risk appetite

Money Market Funds: Usually invest in short-term (less than one year to maturity) money market securities such as Treasury Bills and Guaranteed Commercial Papers. These mutual funds can be used by individuals looking to generate a regular income.

Fixed Income Funds: Usually invest in bonds and money market securities issued by a range of different borrowers, including governments and companies. These mutual funds can be used by individuals who are seeking a regular income and/or for capital growth.

Equity Funds: Usually invest in the shares of a broad selection of companies, with investment decisions taken by professional fund managers. These mutual funds are primarily used by individuals looking to access the long-term growth potential of equity markets.

Multi-asset Funds: Usually invest in equities, bond and other asset classes in an attempt to spread risk and take advantage of a wider range of investment opportunities. These mutual funds can focus on long-term positive returns or on producing a regular income.

Investor Education

Expand your knowledge on investment. Our digital library of resources will give you a good grip on the Nigerian investment landscape.

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