Children Investment Trust

Looking to the future to fund your children’s university fees in the future or help them put down a deposit on their first home?  The Children Investment Trust provides a protected vehicle for parents, grandparents and guardians to build up savings for children in their own right. 

With a minimum start-up contribution of N50,000, a minimum investment of N5,000 a month or lump sum of N60,000 into the account, there is no upper limit as to the amount that can be contributed. 

Once contributors sign on to the product, they may only contribute, not withdraw from the trust.  Only once beneficiaries reach a particular age are they able to access the funds or terminate the trust. 

Additional benefits:

  • Family members and friends can make contributions into the account. Parents can open accounts for as many children as they like and can top up the plan whenever they wish 
  • Suitable for children of any age;
  • Teaches children to manage their finances – with quarterly investment reports tracking the growth of their savings and a free annual investment forum for children from age 18;
  • Children have a say in the management of the account when they turn 18;
  • Does not form part of the parent’s estate for inheritance tax purposes. 
  • Held in Trustees’ name, FBN Trustees manages the account on behalf of the child,
  • The trustee will have legal control over the plan until the child reaches legal capacity (which is 18).
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