We have made it a lot easier to secure the future education of your children or wards with the FBN Children Education Trust. The FBN Children Education Trust provides you with the convenience of starting with a minimum contribution of N210, 000 per child and a subsequent minimum contribution of N120,000 per annum (N10,000 per month). These funds will be protected to enable your children have the best of education you can dream of. Your children will be more than grateful to have caring parents like you.

Proceeds from the funds are used solely for your children’s education and withdrawal from this trust fund is limited only to the educational expenses of the beneficiaries. Convenience and security never looked better.

See more features and benefits of the FBN Children Education Trust:

  • Start up contribution of a minimum of N210,000 per child and subsequent  minimum contribution of N120,000 per annum (i.e. N10,000 monthly) encouraged

  • Maturity is tied to the fulfillment of the object of the Trust or as may be otherwise directed by the Settlor.

  • The Fund shall be locked up for an initial minimum period of 2 years before withdrawals can be made

  • Withdrawal from the Trust Fund is limited only to educational expenses for the beneficiaries upon presentation and confirmation of invoice from child’s school

  • Third parties are precluded from having access to the Trust Fund although they are allowed to make contributions

  • Accommodates payment into any First bank branch nation wide

  • An executor or administrator cannot terminate the Trust but can contribute to the Trust

  • Convenient and flexible - School fees can be paid directly from the Trust Fund as captured in the Trust Declaration

  • Ensures commitment to investment plan your  Child's education continues after Settlor's demise subject to funds in the Trust account

  • Life policy could be taken on the Trust which enhances the value of the – Trust Fund (Optional)

The FBN Children Education Trust can be opened at any First Bank branch upon the payment of the minimum subscription amount.

*Terms and conditions apply. 

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