First Living Trust

The First Living Trust ensures the smooth distribution of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries during and after your lifetime.

By opening an account with a combination of assets with a minimum value of N2,500,000, it is the ideal vehicle for parents, guardians and individuals to secure their beneficiaries’ financial future.  

Additional benefits:

  • Professionally managed - the trust is managed and invested by FBN Trustees as stipulated in the Trust Deed for the benefits of named beneficiaries
  • Prevents disputes - the trust effects while you are alive, preventing any future disputes amongst beneficiaries
  • Can be revocable or irrevocable
  • Title documents are transferred to the trustee for safe custody
  • Trust assets earn competitive returns
  • Legally Binding - executive of a Trust Deed between the Settlor and FBN Trustees
  • Quarterly report provided by the Trustee
  • Hassle-free - beneficiaries will avoid delays owing to probate process
  • Safe and secure – since your property is held in trust for the beneficiaries, it protects assets against litigants and spendthrifts
  • Transparency - FBN Trustees plays a fiduciary role
  • Tax efficient
  • Insurance cover: For real estate, FBN Trustees would assist you in obtaining insurance at competitive prices
  • Confidential - since the trust is not subject to probate the details of the trust are handled in strictest confidence
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