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Have you updated your KYC (Know Your Customer) Information with us?

In a bid to ensure our clients’ records are up-to-date and comply with Section 3(3) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act 2011 (as amended), we kindly request that you contact us to update your KYC (Know Your Customer) information and documentation if you have an account with any of the following entities:


Please contact your Relationship Manager or visit one of our offices to update your KYC (Know Your Customer) information.

  • For individual KYC requirements, please click here
  • For the individual KYC Update form, please click here
  • For corporate KYC requirements, please click here
  • For the corporate KYC Update form, please click here 
  • For frequently asked questions (FAQs), please click here
  • You may also update your details at any of the First Bank of Nigeria branches listed here

For further enquiries, kindly contact us on or call your Relationship Manager for assistance. You can also reach us on the following phone numbers:

  • Direct: 234-8100820082 
  • From Operator: 01-2798300 ext 2584, 3151

Please note that transactions on all your accounts with incomplete KYC information and documentation will be restricted. In addition, please note that to further validate your identity you may be required to provide proof of previous transactions/interactions with the firm.

For clients in diaspora, please note that completed account update forms together with the required KYC documents can be notarized or certified by a Notary Public and sent via email to the dedicated email address above.

Kindly fill the form below for your Relationship Manager to contact you;

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